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We are the place for sellers to find reputable and qualified buyers. Here at CashMoneyBuyers, our slogan is simple and it defines exactly what we do “Find a Cash Buyer or Lender Today!” There are millions of Americans with things they need to sell but don't know where to turn. Whether you are trying to sell your vehicle, a house or some old collectible items like comic books or autographed baseball cards to gold jewelry and antiques and everything inbetween, CashMoneyBuyers is the ultimate destination for a seller like yourself.


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Recent Articles

We know how important it is to sell anything fast, or to find a buyer or lender in your area. Our series of articles is here to give you helpful tips and advice when you buy or sell anything. We're a family owned business with 30 years in the sales industruy and know how important it is to get fast cash when you need it, or sell anything for the best price you can get.



The Secret to Buy & Sell for Profit

Over 30 years of buying and selling experience has taught me one thing. I can share my buying and selling secret and I won't lose any money with more competition. Buying and selling takes patience and commitment and it takes time to create buying and selling partnerships - so telling you my secret will only make the business more educated and hopefully more respected. CashMoneyBuyers is currently being populated with buyer listings, and each day we are adding more and more. READ MORE



Do You Need a Money Lender?

Have you ever found yourself in a financial pinch and unaware of where to turn? We’ve all been there before. Life can be full of costly surprises. When one of these surprises come knocking at your door you have a few options to choose from for obtaining a fast cash loan.
When seeking a fast cash loan you want to first assess your financial situation. Are you really in need of the money? Often times after assessing your finances you may (or may not) find that you are carrying too many unnecessary, money-sucking expenses. Yeah, some of those luxuries are nice to have but often times they are unnecessary.
If you find that you’ve already poured over your expenses, cut out the extras and are still in need of a fast cash loan the least risky place to turn is... READ MORE



How to Sell Your Car / Find a Buyer

Once you've decided to sell your car, there's a few steps you can do before you find a buyer in your area. Sites like CashMoneyBuyers will help you find buyers in your area but you can't just sell your car without having a plan. Here's your "Before You Sell Your Car Checklist:"
1. Check the Kelly Blue Book for your car's value. Most likely this is not the price in which you will sell your car. This is just a starting point in finding a local buyer.
2. Start evaluating the market for your car's make, model and year. Since car prices are regional, look at local newspapers and online lists or directories. If you can't find your exact car, find something that is normally comparably priced.

3. Now is the time to spiffy up the car in order to sell it at the best price. If there are small repairs needed, READ MORE


5 Tips to Sell Your Gold

Selling gold for cash can help bring you some quick money, but here's a case where it's let the seller beware. Your old jewelry, gold trinkets, gold teeth, etc. sell by weight and purity. Let's take a look at what this means for you.

When you sell your gold, you want to be sure to get the most cash for your item(s). News shows have investigated dirty dealings in mail-in companies, fly-by-night gold buying stands and even at gold-buying parties. Places like CashMoneyBuyers will help you find a local gold buyer in your area and that alone can help you get the most cash for your gold.

Let's go over the process of selling your gold for cash: READ MORE


A Tale of Two Keyboards

This is a cautionary tale from CashMoneyBuyers. It has to do with two piano keyboards, each owned by different owners that wanted to sell their item fast for cash by finding a local buyer in their area. As luck would have it, their perspective keyboards were marked with permanent maker which may make finding a buyer harder, or selling the item for cash garner less than expected. 

Piano keyboard owner #1 had an over zealous teacher that wrote the notes on the keyboard without giving hesitation to how much value the item would be worth when trying to sell it for fast cash. Or at least they didn't care.... READ MORE


5 Steps for First-Time Sellers

We've all heard an anecdotal story about someone finding a piece of jewelry in their grandmother's estate or at a flea market and it turns out to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We hate to burst your bubble but that is more rare than an incorruptible politician. The good part is that doesn't meant that there's money to be made; in fact there's plenty and with a little effort, you can cash in on selling.

1. Find items: We're not advocating coveting your child's favorite toy, but you can look around your house and find things that you haven't used in ages or that brand new item someone gave to you and you never used. Check your closets, jewelry boxes, garage, basement and other hiding places where you stash items. Most likely once you start finding things, you won't be able to stop.

2. Find the Value: Here you will have to do a little research and the internet will be your friend. Check around and get some ideas of the going rate for your item. Use places like amazon, half, ebay, google shopping, etc. If the price is all over the place then... READ MORE

Sell Your Item and Get Cash Today

We are the place for sellers to find reputable and qualified buyers. Here at, our slogan is simple and it defines exactly what we do “Find a Cash Buyer or Lender Today!” There are millions of Americans with things they need to sell but don't know where to turn.

Thanks CashMoneyBuyers!

I just made my first sale from reading your blog and it was great. Just a few tips about how to make sell anything fast for cash and voila, within a few days I sold an old camera and some gear that was collecting dust. i didn't think it would be so easy to sell anything for cash. I can't wait to see future selling tips.

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